Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Blog Site!!

Okay, there are some changes taking place here at These Small Hours. First thing is, it is now Annie Hurley Photography. Although I LOVE my former name because it puts the lyrics of Rob Thomas' "Little Wonders" song in my head which makes me think about how little time we have and how hard it is to hold on to, it seems easier for everyone to remember, search, share, etc. when it is simplified to Annie Hurley Photography. And so that it will be.

So, along with that comes all new branding, new logo, new colors, new watermarks, new packaging...the works! It feels refreshing and cheerful to me, and I'm so happy with it! I hope you all like it too :)!

I've also decided to go ahead and finally purchase my own web domain so that I can have more freedom with things than Blogger has available. So, after a long time of sitting, tweaking, uploading, changing, going back to photoshop and starting all over, and basically feeling like a 2 year old learning how to fix a space rocket, it is finally what I consider "done enough to share." I still have some things I'm planning on changing, old posts to upload, etc., but go ahead and check it out, get comfortable over there, oooo and don't forget about the May special that is going on right now too! 
Ready, okay, heeeeeere it is...

Friday, May 3, 2013

New Places on the North Side! - My Family

After realizing I don't have a ton of great locations in mind on the north side of the Springs, and knowing that I am very frequently meeting up with families from Denver and further north, I thought it's about time I set out to see if I could find some meeting places between here and there. So, the fam and I (including our new spoiled pup) headed out and did exactly that! Out of the five locations we stopped at, three ended up being perfect, and the other two were still a lot of fun as well! Here are some snippets from here and there. 

And do note that the sun was scorching down something fierce and aside from everyone looking like a hot mess, you can actually see them progressively getting filthier as the day goes on :).

Lola found a new pet, "Orangie." I know, she may possibly be color blind, but nevertheless, we lost and found that little guy at least 20 times.
Whatever do we do with a field of cattails? It didn't take long to figure it out! Right off the bat Ruby was pretending they were corn dogs...nice!
This next spot is super Colorado-ish
How amazing is this view?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Special!

Well for heaven's sake, it took long enough, but the warm weather is FINALLY here! I know I'm celebrating and since I'm in a MUCH better mood now, I thought I'd give everyone something to celebrate too... $20 off any session booked during the month of May!! As long as you book your session during May, the actual photo session can take place during ANY month. To get in on this great deal, I do ask that you keep your original session date booked.

So, let's do it... newborn, maternity, children, high school seniors, engagement, or round up the whole gang and let's do those family pics you've been putting off (I know... you were SO busy, and it was ugly outside :)). 

Click on the labels above (i.e. "pricing") to figure out which session works best for you. Maybe now you can upgrade to a package with more images without really paying much more?! Yes... now we're talking! Email me at and let's nail down some details!

*happiness disclaimer* ----> Yes, I'm aware of the fact that it may snow again tomorrow---> denial!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Little Miss Evelyn! - Newborn

This is Evelyn and she is one a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. baby girl! But don't be fooled by her sweet, flawless face... she can put up quite a fight if she feels like it :)! And this particular morning, she felt like it. She wanted to be snuggled up with her mom, nursing the day away. And who can argue with that? It's a fair enough request for heaven's sake! But darn it anyways, we forged ahead with pictures all the same. The harder we tried to get her to sleep, the more awake she became. She had us all cracking up as she'd go from long blinks to bright eyes in seconds as if to say "whoa guys, I'm sorry I almost fell asleep but I'm up now and I feel totally energized from that long blink, so I'm good." 

Finally, she agreed to all of our bugging and nodded off as I quickly grabbed all the shots I could. Oh Evie, I just loved spending my morning with you and your sweet, patient, and hilarious parents! And I say, keep your spunk... it's totally working for you girl!

Dad was swinging her back and forth hoping to lull her to sleep and I thought it made for a pretty darn cute picture!
I just love her sweetness in this last set up... and her skin is seriously like a porcelain doll!
Her little hands pulling on her perfect little cheeks is just my favorite thing... I couldn't just post one :)!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Harper Grace! - Newborn

Meet sweet Harper Grace! When I saw her in my studio she was just shy of five pounds, and sleepy as all get out... I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! Seriously, she was an absolute angel baby and the perfect combination of her sleepiness and tiny-ness made for one of my all time favorite mornings ever, as a photographer or otherwise! I just feel so lucky to have the privilege of getting in on this sacred time! Her parents are hilarious and so full of personality themselves that I'm sure it won't be long before Miss Harper wakes up and starts cracking jokes herself, and they'll wonder how she was ever so "mellow." I am so happy for everyone who gets to get in on the sweetness and fun of this little blessing and I will be looking forward to seeing her again myself! 

Oh those teeny tiny little details! She also has the shiniest, perfect lips.
Her daddy's in the Army so she had to show some Army love!
They've been calling her "Baby Bear" for a long time now, so these next one's were very necessary!
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